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Hey everyone. It's been a long time since I've published an episode, and I thought it was time to address the future of this show. Springboard is ending, but I wanted to explain why, and also explain what an amazing experience it's been to produce this show. Thank you to everyone who listened. You're all awesome – keep it up.

Episode 40 – Dan Nolan

iOS Developer Dan Nolan joins us to talk about iBeacons, politics, and ethics. Specifically, we discuss implications of the NSA gathering mobile app analytics. What responsibilities do app makers have to ensure the data they collect remains private? How should be inform users of our collection policies?

Episode 24 – Oliver Jones

Oliver Jones, Senior Developer at Itty Bitty Apps and one of the developers behind Reveal, joins us to talk shop about his experiences in the developer community, getting started, and helping to build Reveal.


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